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Our GIS based Field Mobility Solution enables the accurate and effective inspection, cleaning and preventive maintenance of all kind of assets within a defined district in online and offline modus. We provide an optimized multiple-system integration between ESRI, IBM Maximo Asset Management System and Database without exhausting the systems resources. With this visual and map based application, it is easier for the crew to obtain accurate and reliable data simply on location-aware smartphones. Additionally, the manager dashboard allows to know exactly where the field crews are & on what cases they are working right now. Work better, work smarter, be efficient Do you need an overall solution that benefits the business from the boardroom to the field? LAYERMARK will help you find out the right asset management for your utility infrastructure to increase your revenue while reducing operating costs. Access a complete view of utility asset performance and provide fast, complete answers to queries about leaks, resource quality and maintenance works.


Aviation,Electric & Gas,Telco,Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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