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With Leaf Field Boundary Management, businesses are able to reconcile different boundaries across systems, match field boundaries across providers, and geospatially match ag data to boundaries. Without adding more complexity to your system through a universal field ID or other cumbersome systems, Leaf empowers you to manage the multitude of digital field boundaries in existence for most fields, and ensure you use the right one for each situation. Digital field boundaries change all the time; depending on the crop that is planted, whether a field is irrigated in a specific year, or maybe a field gets split into multiple sections to grow different crops - field boundaries are dynamic. Ensuring that the latest field boundary is used is critical for technology providers, but this can easily turn into a huge manual effort that introduces potential inaccuracies. Technology providers that connect to Leaf’s API don’t have to worry about this and are always ensured that they’re using the latest field boundary. Leaf provides a consistent field entity across all related boundaries so data from any source can be queried by a single field ID. Leaf's API can also be used to import, export, synchronize, and reconcile field boundaries across farm data platforms. Working with Leaf's Operations Data, operations performed in the fields will automatically be bound to the fields you create with Field Boundaries. Why use your scarce resources to create your own field boundary structure when Leaf’s industry-leading technology is already available to you today? Leaf automatically detects existing fields in each company's platform; this works together with Leaf's Operations Data. Operations performed in the fields will automatically be bound to the fields you create with Field Boundaries. Leaf uses a Grower/Farm/Field hierarchy to store data. Fields are the central concept of this hierarchy. Every Field may have boundaries, which are the geometries that define its borders. A Field can have only one active boundary, that defines its current border. Most Fields are part of a Farm and every Farm can have one or more Fields. Farms can be grouped together under a Grower. A grower (also known as Leaf User) is the data owner entity to which credentials are attached. Files or Operations are the results of operations in a given Field.


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