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Receive data, translated to a consistent, aggregated and standardized format, from all major machinery brands. Every major agricultural machinery manufacturer uses their own proprietary data format for farm data collected by their machinery, making it hard for farmers to overlay different data layers from the same field and gain insights to inform better decisions. Leaf helps technology providers overcome this challenge by translating all proprietary data sets into a single, easy to read data format. By connecting with Leaf’s API, developers are able to access farm data from all major machinery manufacturers in a consistent, aggregated and standardized format. Due to the complex nature of farm data and the lack of standards throughout the industry, many technology providers are forced to focus on building back-office data infrastructure that allows them to ingest farm data from the different agricultural machinery manufacturers. Technology providers that work with Leaf however receive all farm data in a consistent, aggregated and standardized format through the same API, which allows them to focus on building their products and adding value to their customers’ operations instead. Leaf’s standardized JSON for tillage, planting, application and harvest operations is returned with data summaries, full datasets and rendered maps, saving technology providers precious time that can now be focused on different areas of their business. Technology providers who decide to connect with farm machinery manufacturers’ APIs directly instead of through Leaf, are often forced to make tough choices: which companies will we connect with? Which companies offer us the largest footprint with our user base? In reality, this always results in the exclusion of a certain number of potential customers, as they use equipment from a manufacturer who the technology provider is not connected to, and so their data is not able to be used by this technology provider. With Leaf, these difficult questions and the exclusion of potential customers is a thing of the past: by connecting to Leaf’s API, technology providers are connected to all major machinery manufacturers. Only do the work of connecting to Leaf’s API, but receive the benefits of being connected to a range of machinery manufacturers!



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