LlamaZOO Interactive Inc

Victoria, BC, Canada


LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. is an award-winning Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality development studio headquartered in Victoria, BC, with additional offices in Vancouver, BC. LlamaZOO specializes in leveraging AR/VR/MR technologies to develop interactive 3D visualization, digital twinning, communication, and training solutions for companies that deal with complex 3D structures and spatial data. One leading example of LlamaZOO’s work is MineLife VR - a 3D virtual reality product which offers digital twinning of a mine from exploration to reclamation. MineLife VR is used to consolidate and communicate mine data such as drill holes, mineralogy, ore bodies, infrastructure, facilities, and tenures, layered on high-resolution geospatial data.



LlamaZOO are leaders in helping natural resource companies gain new value from their spatial data. Our expertise includes enabling on-demand offsite supervision via digital twin visualizations; providing immersive life-like training simulations in AR/VR; and centralizing disparate datasets into interfaces that are understandable and actionable by all stakeholders. Our platform for hosting, visualizing, and interacting with 3D content unlocks significant time and cost savings throughout the development process. Work with us to leverage 3D Visualization and Digital Twinning across a wide range of applications within mining, oil & gas, forestry, and more.

Services Provided:

Application Development