M.A.P Scientific Services

Waterkloof, South Africa


Applying Science and Geospatial Technology to Solve Environmental Problems.



One of the major challenges facing environmental management today is bridging the science implementation gap. Although more data are collected now than ever before, it remains time consuming, expensive, and difficult to visualise and interpret these data. It is therefore not easy to turn raw ecological data into practical, evidence-based management actions. Effective environmental management requires the definition of clear and realistic management goals, the development of plausible strategies to achieve those goals, monitoring to evaluate the relative merits and limitations of management strategies, and the iterative modification of management strategies to improve management outcomes . The evaluation of these management goals, strategies, limitations, and outcomes can only be as rigorous (and therefore as reliable) as the monitoring data that informs it i.e. good science lies at the heart of delivering effective outcomes. We develop custom tools that can help guide environmental management programmes to effectively collect, store, analyse, and view ecological data to ensure scientifically sound outputs that inform decision making. Leveraging the ArcGIS Platform our solution includes advanced GIS functionality.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, Training Services