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1) Competitive Benchmarking with Crowd SiteIntel Utilize M2’s proprietary analysis and visualization tool, Crowd SiteIntel, to compare your network coverage at thousands of locations per day to the coverage of your competition. Use this business intelligence to facilitate decision making in areas as diverse as network planning (where you’re trailing the competition) and consumer advertising (in geographies where you’re #1). 2) Global Roaming Dashboard and Reports Quickly and accurately analyze the performance of roaming partners and prospective roaming partners in entire cities, regions, and countries throughout the world. 3) PoP (Cell Site) Database: Cell ID Analytics and Reports ​M2Catalyst has harnessed the power of AI to process trillions of anonymized network performance data points, enabling us to build one of, if not the most complete global PoP Cell Site databases in the world. Utilize this database to monitor your competitors’ 5G rollout. 4) Indoor vs. Outdoor Coverage Differentiate between indoor and outdoor signals with data processed through M2’s proprietary 17-step algorithm.



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