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Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research and Innovation Center's (MATRIC’s) Advanced Software Technologies (AST) division provides customized decision support tools that allow clients to simulate, validate and manage highly complex processes and protocols. Clients use our tools to derive actionable knowledge to improve the quality of the decisions they make. MATRIC specializes in customized development of web and mobile GIS applications. Our customers include Federal and state agencies responsible for emergency planning, management, and decision support. Our customized platforms enable: • Standards-based interoperability with existing systems and technology • Improved collaboration and communication across intelligence, command, control, and response teams • Increased ability to analyze and respond to events as they unfold by using a single, common view of operations • Improved situational awareness for analysts and decision makers By combining GIS with gaming technologies, we can fuse real world data with next generation interactive immersive environments to create experiential training environments and specialized operational “what if” scenario planning tools. Our solutions typically incorporate: • Interactive and immersive 3D environments • GIS data, analysis, and geoprocessing services integration • Parallel computing • Artificial Intelligence



MATRIC services include customized development of web and mobile GIS applications, artificial intelligence-enabled platforms, high performance computing, simulation, physics-based modeling, 3D visualization, and software engineering. We develop applications that enable rapid data acquisition, analysis, simulation, and interactive visualization for spatial and context data analysis. Our solutions help customers simulate, test, and validate planning and operational scenarios; identify critical events and key trends; and manage complex role-based authentication. As an ESRI Business Partner, our solutions incorporate the following GIS components: • ESRI ArcGIS 10 platform (ArcGIS Server, ArcInfo) • ArcGIS API for Flex and JavaScript, and ArcObjects SDK for .NET • Spatial Analyst, Network Analyst, Data Interoperability, 3D Analyst extensions Our MassEvac planning tool was showcased in the Winter 2012 issue of ArcUser. (

Services Provided:

Application Development