Centerline Design Toolkit

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Centerline Design Toolkit Provides a Cost-effective Way to Quickly Build Linear Models. Centerline Design Toolkit includes a comprehensive set of tools, proven to make workflows more efficient and increase worker productivity. This easy-to-implement Esri ArcMap extension provides an extremely cost-effective way to quickly build accurate linear models. Its highly flexible design supports multiple data sources and offers a robust set of tools that perform complicated linear referencing operations. Yet, it’s easy to install and use, plus requires minimal training. With Centerline Design Toolkit, common geo-processing work flows that used to take hours to perform, now take only minutes! For example, with just a few button clicks you can connect GPS points to create a line, assign 2D or 3D measures, and generate events with stationing. Centerline Design Toolkit not only improves GIS analyst productivity and simplifies the training process, it also simplifies centerline creation.


GIS, Petroleum, Pipeline

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