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SheetCutter Pro is the first ArcGIS Pro alignment sheet generation application available. SheetCutter Pro enables users to present an integrated view of various data sources on a single page. With data integration at the heart of pipeline integrity management, this application provides automated alignment sheets that provide critical insight to better understand the environment, assets, inspections, threats, and release consequences near the pipeline. Paired with companion product TemplateDesigner Pro, New Century Software by MISTRAS offers a complete pipeline alignment sheet solution including dynamic segmentation of all data sources. This includes Linear Referencing System (LRS)-based and spatial non-LRS data sources, Geodatabase, Oracle,SQL Server, and Microsoft Excel. The applications include a variety of validation, error reporting, and quality control tools for exceptional alignment sheet generation. Plus, the new “Quick Preview” option enables rapid review and edit iterations when designing the sheet templates. By utilizing SheetCutter Pro, users can import both measured and non-measured (LRS and non-LRS) centerlines, as well as integrate data from a wide range of sources like pipeline and enterprise databases, along with GIS feature layers. New Century also offers a comprehensive SheetCutter Pro and TemplateDesigenr Pro training and tutorial package, which provides an abbreviated learning curve for quick implementation. Additionally, SheetCutter Pro’s flexibility is ideal when generating Roads & Highways Straight Line Diagrams (SLD’s) for State’s Department of Transportation (DOT).


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