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FMGIS in an optional add-on to the Fledermaus Software Suite that allows you to create a direct two-way link from the Fledermaus and FMGT modules to an ArcGIS file, folder, personal, or ArcSDE Geodatabase. This integration benefits users of both softwares: Fledermaus users gain access to the ArcGIS Geodatabase and suite of GIS tools, while ArcGIS users gain easy access to the robust suite of Fledermaus bathymetric, watercolumn, and backscatter data processing, validation, and visualization applications. FMGIS provides a seamless transfer of data, benefiting GIS professionals managing project databases, geophysicists and surveyors working on integrated offshore engineering projects, nautical charting authorities building and maintaining bathymetry information systems, and habitat mappers processing, interpreting and distributing integrated mapping projects.


Conservation,Geologic,Map, Chart & Data Production,Marine,Maritime,Petroleum

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