Rapidis APS

Soborg, Denmark


Rapidis offer software products and solutions in Transportation and Logistics that all integrate 100 % with ArcGIS. Rapidis Logistics Planner is a suite of route planning solvers for specific industries and optional customizations; available as cloud hosted web services (Geoprocessing Services) or as extensions for ArcGIS. The Rapidis Logistics Planner, Pickup and Delivery edition, is for route planning in Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) like school bus routing, paratransit and medical trips. The Rapidis Logistics Planner, Vehicle Routing Problem edition, optimizes routes for a fleet of vehicles in last mile distribution, city works and commercial waste collection. The Rapidis Logistics Planner, High Density edition, creates routes to serve all households in an area with postal delivery or residential waste collection. Rapidis Traffic Analyst is a transportation planning extension for ArcGIS. By using Traffic Analyst, users can build complete and detailed transportation models or use the Traffic Analyst tools individually as parts of other models (e.g. impact models). Rapidis Transit Analyst for ArcGIS helps Public Transportation make detailed analysis of how the Public Transportation Network is utilized. Transit Analyst calculates total travel flows and impact from service changes. An advanced data model combines data from several sources. A web user interface for ArcGIS Portal makes it easy for non-GIS experts to access and benefit from the analysis.



For Route Planning Rapidis offers support and professional services to help integrate and configure Rapidis route planning software offerings. For Transport Modelling Rapidis offers full range consultancy, development of Transport Models for cities, countries and regions based on the Esri platform and Rapidis Traffic Analyst and full support for software and solutions. With Transit Analyst for ArcGIS Rapidis offers system implementation together with full support.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Model & Database Design, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services