RedLeaf Technologies Private Ltd

Coimbatore, India


We at Redleaf provide geospatial products and solutions to private and government organizations in utilities, smart city, defense, urban bodies, homeland security, agriculture, and public health. We provide data services to ESRI based solutions, real-time GIS with IoT, in the above verticals. Since our inception, we have been enabling organizations to derive meaningful insights by harnessing the power of location through our range of solutions in segments of Geospatial data, GIS Application development, and IoT using AI and ML Technologies. Our geospatial solutions contribute to protecting nature and reducing carbon footprint. We have developed easy to deploy solutions that help businesses visualize and analyse business data for effective decision-making. All this is possible with the support of highly experienced and qualified professionals having more than 2 decades of multi- industry domain experience and valid certifications from renowned firms like Esri and Oracle. Thanks to our industry specialization approach, the professionals assigned to our customers are specialists in Utility, Défense, Government, Mining, and Commercial domains that enable them to deliver the experience and knowledge needed to create tailored and added-value solutions.



Redleaf services comprises GIS analysis • Remote sensing applications • DGPS Survey & Mapping • Data integration services • Data Migration • Drone imagery processing Application development • Web GIS • Mobile GIS • ESRI ArcGIS • ESRI ArcFM • FME • Google Applications • Dashboard Management • Real-Time GIS (IoT) Enabled application Industry wise solutions Agriculture • Crop detection from Satellite image • NDVI classification, Land use and Landcover • Web App to monitor health of crops • Mobile App for Agri scientists/Field staff Utilities • ArcFM • Automatic capture of energy assets using AI and ML • Smart Grid Solution • ESRI UN migration and application development • Spatial asset management • Outage management Smart City applications • Integrated with ITMS, ICCC, Video Surveillance, Patrol Vehicle Navigation and Tracking • Crime Analysis • Exit Route planning Land Acquisition application • planning, Compensation, rehabilitation management Logistics • Fleet management application with API • ETA, Speed Limit, Toll, Cost estimation, Performance, • Cloud based services Defense • Defense application using ArcGIS Runtime • 3D simulation App for optimal route and time • Identify blind spots of enemy troops • Viewshed analysis, DEM Mining • 3Dmodelling • Volumetric estimation • Drone imagery processing of mine stacks • BH cross sections • Change detection analysis • Migration of datasets on ESRI Indoor and facility • Shortest routing app for high range structures

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Hosting Services, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration