Seattle, WA, United States

Overview is a platform-as-a-service for data scientists, data engineers, and developers who need to create and deploy unlimited, customized synthetic data generation for machine learning and artificial intelligence workflows, reducing expense, closing gaps, and overcoming bias, security, and privacy issues when compared with the use or acquisition of real-world data. moves the process of creating and exploiting synthetic data closer to the business need by providing a configuration environment, samples, and cloud resources to quickly get started defining new data generation channels, creating datasets in high performance compute environments, and providing tools to characterize and catalog existing and synthetic datasets. Over 90% of the customer interest in comes from the Earth Observation domain, with focus on aerial and satellite visible, multispectral, and radar imagery and we have integrated with ArcGIS services to allow customer to use scalable GIS data to build synthetic environments. Synthetic data produced in can be used for computer vision training and validation across many industries. focuses on a single line of business around subscription offerings of our PaaS, coupled with as-needed professional services. Our subscription offerings are available in multiple tiers, primarily differentiated by compute access, and can be supplemented or extended through enterprise agreements.


Overview: provides a platform as a service for generating synthetic data that can be used to train computer vision algorithms. Rendered offers sample code and applications allowing customers to access ArcGIS services to build synthetic environments with the platform. Data generated from can be used for a variety of GeoAI use cases such as classification of rare objects, land segmentation identification, and testing AI for bias. For customers who need help building their own synthetic data applications or integrating into their AI workflows, offers professional services including training, synthetic data channel development, and system integration.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services