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Road Analyzer is Rizing’s Straight Line Diagramming (SLD) solution. Road Analyzer contains a database-driven, interactive straight-line diagramming environment, with an integrated location map and video log display. All data displayed on the screen is placed using basic linear referencing methods from a relational database. Route selection can be accomplished several ways through Road Analyzer’s configurable user interface. Hierarchical selection utilizes a transportation agency’s standard drill-down approach for finding route sections of interest. For example, the user might start with county, then functional class, then route ID, and then select a valid range of mile points along the route. Filters allow the user to view only valid choices as selections are made. Users can also find routes of interest by querying business attributes such as number of lanes, pavement condition or traffic counts. Finally, a user can select a route segment from the integrated map interface. After the route is selected, the standard SLD window is displayed. Road Analyzer’s window is broken into two components. The top of the screen contains the stick diagram. Generally, this is where point features are displayed such as intersections, signs, bridges, culverts, or crashes. Linear features that need to be highlighted can also be added to the stick diagram. The bottom portion of the window includes the attribute bars illustrating the extents of linear features such as speed limits, number of lanes, and functional class. The features displayed on both the stick diagram and in the attribute bars are configurable by the end user. Configurations also control the symbology, attribute displays, bar orders, and annotation. Templates can be established that allow users to display the features of interest as their defaults. Road Analyzer can be further configured to include commercially available or agency specific map displays. Road Analyzer also includes redlining tools and has integrated configurable business intelligence widgets from the dashboard interface. The dashboard summarizes data and indicates the level of coverage from individual business layers.


Electric & Gas, Highways & Roads, Pipeline, Railroads

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