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SHORTEN THE TIME FROM CUSTOMER REQUEST TO DELIVERED SERVICE In the utility industry, it is key to have processes and tools for making solution design for new installations: This will not only secure the feasibility and quality of extensions to the utility network but also provide an accurate data representation of the real-life network, which is a prerequisite for efficient operation, maintenance and optimization. The Similix Sketch Tool is a tool for making sketches of future installations in the utility network. It enables project managers, engineers and designers to express initial design considerations and requirements in quickly drawn sketches. These sketches will then be the foundation for the detailed design of the actual solution. With the Similix Sketch Tool, you are getting a professional tool for sketching – a tool that will streamline your work processes and shorten the time from customer request to delivered service. BENEFITS Streamlining work processes to shorten time from customer request to solution design Easy to use for rapid sketching, no training required Configure your own sketch templates that support your specific needs Works on top of your own maps One application for both on-site and back-office use


Electric & Gas, Telco, Water Resources, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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