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MAKING THE MIGRATION TO THE UTILITY NETWORK A SUCCESS The Esri ArcGIS Utility Network is a state of the art GIS solution for the utility industry, that will dramatically change the way utilities support business processes with geographic information. To reap the benefits of the vast capabilities of the Esri ArcGIS Utility Network, existing data must be migrated to this new platform. It is an absolute pre-requisite for securing a successful and well-managed data migration that the utility has access to an advanced migration tool that can secure data consistency and avoid loss of data in the migration process. The Similix Utility Network Migration Suite is a complete migration toolbox that supports the migration of data from a given data model into the Esri ArcGIS Utility Network data model. BENEFITS One solution covering the entire migration process Rich user interface for advanced configuration, data modelling and migration Automatic synchronization of data changes during the migration process Minimizes downtime during go-live by efficiently handling migration of data versions Enables a phased go-live approach With the Similix Utility Network Migration Suite, you are getting an advanced toolbox that covers the whole data migration process from data model development, over migration and integration to the actual go-live. This enables a safe and phased go-live with a minimum of downtime


Electric & Gas,Telco,Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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