PermianMAP (Methane Analysis Project)

By Stone Environmental Inc.

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Stone worked with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to develop an interactive online data platform to highlight the immense volumes of climate-warming methane that are being emitted in the Permian Basin, one of the largest oil and gas fields in the world. Stone’s Geospatial and Data Solutions team ingested, processed and integrated data from a diverse set of scientific partners, as well as state and federal sources to create a compelling visual story emphasizing the scale of the methane problem. The platform includes multiple interactive dashboards, each with a specific purpose and target audience. In the Operator Performance Dashboard, oil and gas company technicians and regulators can filter the map of detected methane leaks by company name and/or view dynamic charts of how the selected company ranks amongst its peers in terms of methane emission rates. Stone has automated identification of responsible operators with python scripts, allowing for the platform to be quickly updated as new data becomes available. Stone performed the following functions: - Project Management and Communication - Application Design - Data Management - Development of a Public-Facing Web Platform This data platform was launched in April 2020 and continues to be updated with new data collected by EDF and partners. Visit the site at


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