StreetLight Data Inc

San Francisco, CA, United States


StreetLight Data, Inc. (“StreetLight”) pioneered the use of Big Data analytics to shed light on how people, goods, and services move, empowering smarter, data-driven transportation decisions. StreetLight applies proprietary machine-learning algorithms and its vast data processing resources to measure travel patterns of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians, accessible as analytics on the interactive StreetLight InSight® SaaS platform. Acquired by Jacobs as a subsidiary in February 2022, StreetLight provides innovative digital solutions to help communities reduce congestion, improve safe and equitable transportation, and maximize the positive impact of infrastructure investment. With projects in 48 U.S. states and all 10 Canadian provinces, our Metrics have been used and validated by hundreds of public agencies, transportation consulting firms, and private companies. In addition, several state transportation agencies, MPOs and large cities, including Virginia DOT, Ohio DOT, Minnesota DOT, Washington State DOT, Maine DOT, Los Angeles DOT, and New York City DOT, have software-as-a-service subscriptions that allow them to run an unlimited number of analyses within their geography.



Essential Metrics for everyday traffic analysis including: -Traffic Counts | AADT -Origin-Destination -Turning Movement Counts -Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) -Vehicle Hours of Delay (VHD) -Demographics -Select Link Analysis -Top Routes -Trip Purpose -Trip Attributes For more information visit