StreetLight Data Inc

San Francisco, CA, United States


StreetLight pioneered the use of Big Data analytics to shed light on how people, goods, and services move, empowering smarter, data-driven transportation decisions. StreetLight applies proprietary machine-learning algorithms and its vast data processing resources to measure travel patterns of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians, accessible as analytics on the interactive StreetLight InSight® SaaS platform. StreetLight provides innovative digital solutions to help communities reduce congestion, improve safe and equitable transportation, and maximize the positive impact of infrastructure investment. What sets StreetLight apart? -Industry-leading Big Data Sources: With over 10 years of history, StreetLight has the most robust historical data foundation and an unmatched empirical understanding of mobility. With a long history of routinely evaluating, benchmarking, and picking the most reliable data sources, we have built a repository of several hundred sources that contribute to our Route Science® engine. -On-demand Software - The software-as-a-service subscription model allows your organization to run an unlimited number of analyses within your geography without incremental costs, making it affordable to collect data regularly and to study behavior changes over time. The easy-to-use software platform allows your team to independently run their own analytics on demand with specific, customized parameters (i.e., type of day, time of day, bicycle or vehicle trips, etc.).



Big Data powered answers to your biggest problems. Use Cases Include: TRANSPORTATION PLANNING Active Transportation Before & After Studies Congestion Studies Emergency Response Planning Event & Tourism Studies Freight Studies Last Mile Studies Travel Demand Management TRAFFIC ENGINEERING & OPERATIONS Congestion Studies Corridor Studies Travel Time Turning Movements Safety Circuity SMART CITIES & NEW MOBILITY Before & After Studies Greenhouse Gas Emissions & VMT New Mobility Deployment Ride Hailing & Delivery Studies Social Equity Travel Demand Management