Technology Labs for Software Industry

Amman, Jordan


Technology Labs for Software Industry (TEKLABZ) is a Jordanian company, owned and operated by its founders to bring forth a new paradigm of Geographic Information System (GIS) excellence across different working environments and market regions with the aim to maximize its client’s productivity and solidify strategic and geographic data-driven decisions. TEKLABZ Founders been in the Geo-Spatial Network Physical Inventory Management Systems and the GIS business since 2005 working on ESRI ArcGIS and Ericsson (Ex-Telcordia) Network Engineer suite of products, technologies, managing large GIS teams and projects at major companies helping engineers to boost the availability, quality, and use of data across their enterprises. Based in Jordan with business partners in the GCC region, we are committed to accomplish through our offerings which are centered around GIS based Professional Services (ESRI ArcGIS) and Geo-Spatial Network Inventory Management Systems (Ericsson Network Engineer) the delivery of the following: - Holistic high-end GIS solutions to automate business processes. - GIS Based Professional Services. - Supporting clients’ to pursuit better GIS practices through our highly trained and certified professionals.



Our Professionals brings an enterprise hands-on knowledge in delivering GIS based professional services. Our offered services focus on helping our clients achieve GIS competence and business profitability by reducing operating costs through Packaged Services and Project Services targeting the different aspects of adopting a Geo-Based Network Inventory Management system within an enterprise to ensure a successful deployment and usage. Our Packaged Services are standardized offerings with a defined scope and fixed price. They cover a variety of ESRI/ENE products and GIS management tasks that are designed to help you: - Reduce product installation and implementation time. - Quickly adopt new ESRI/ENE technologies. - Improve productivity and operational effectiveness. Packaged Services: 1. ENE System Enhancement 2. Rent-A-Tech 3. FTTx Network Plan and Design 4. Data Migration into Esri CDM (Utility Network Extension) While our Project Services are offered for communication service providers who desire help through the entire GIS/ENE project life cycle, TEKLABZ offers project services, provided through our industry practices teams in a holistic approach to deliver and deploy effective GIS based Inventory Management Solutions for Service Providers to achieve their goals. Project Services: 1. Planning & Implementation 2. Data Migration & Cleansing 3. Solution Deployment 4. Process Development 5. System Integrations

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services