Madrid, Spain


Telefónica, as a global service and communications operator and as an emergency system integrator with implementation experience dating back to 1995, has got a complete vision of the emergency process, from the service user to resource management. Since 1995. Telefónica provides customized support to the different types of current emergency centers in Spain, with a high level expertise. In the process of implementation of Emergency Centers, Telefonica helps their customers in the following key issues: •Operations analysis based on service needs and the current situation •Definition and planning of change management activities •Cooperation with the agencies, in an effort to stipulate protocol and methodology •Evolution of the Technological Platform •Management of the complete incident cycle, via the appropriate channel. SENECA, the Telefonica's solution for emergency management, managea the emergency calls in a Emergency Operation Center and helps in the optimization of the dispatch mission identifying the closest available unit through vehicle and/or resource management and tracking, premise history and dispatcher situational awareness and mobile and in-vehicle mapping using remotely accessed data. It is aimed at multi-agency emergency centers (112/911). This commercial territory is conformed by the countries where Telefonica operates (Spain, Czech Republic, UK, Germany and most countries of LATAM.