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A complete solution to create your websites, based on ArcGIS Enterprise. _maps is a real ready-to-use cartographic engine, allowing you to create your own website without having to develop a specific application. _maps includes a variety of features that can be activated or not, depending on your needs. _maps is based on ArcGIS Enterprise technology (API JS 4.x), and is fully configurable via easy-to-access administration tools. _maps is used as a standard dissemination tool within large administrations. _maps allows you to customize the creation of your websites: Navigation tools Querying geographic objects Adding additional layers Drawing tools (point, line, polygon, ...) Search for geographic objects with spatial queries Attribute table; export of attributes in Excel format. Localization on your data Creating a PDF file Impression Layers management Legend Synoptic map, with displacement of the visibility zone Data extraction Viewing oblique aerial photographs Bing maps Respecting OGC standards Google Street View integration …...


Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Environmental Management, GIS, Land Records, Public Engineering

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