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From the simplest to the most complex, TopoForms allows the creation of input or consultation forms for your geographic solutions without carrying out long and expensive developments. Integration of the Geodatabase model : TopoForms manages the specifics of your data model (value domains, subtypes, relationships,…). A variety of features: TopoForms offers a wide range of functionalities ranging from mass entry to entity location. Navigate from form to form during multiple selections. Save form templates in the FormDesigner which you can retrieve later. Include subforms for type 1-M relationship entities. Easy deployment A simple installation of the TopoForms runtime and copying your form files is enough to integrate your solution with ArcGIS clients. TopoForms revolves around two applications: Editor and Runtime. TopoForms Editor allows you to create input masks using an intuitive editor. Once the masks have been made, the Editor automatically generates XML files containing all the parameters constituting the masks. TopoForms Runtime, allows to integrate into the ArcMap application, a specific toolbar, managed as an extension. The new functionalities thus added, based on the XML files created previously, activate the forms for entering, consulting or searching for information.


Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Environmental Management, GIS, Land Records, Public Engineering

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