EcoBlu Analyst Mitigation and Conservation Banking Data

By Trout Headwaters Inc

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EcoBlu Analyst is proud to launch a viewable/downloadable GIS ArcGIS layer of U.S. Mitigation and Conservation Banks, locations, contacts and more. This GIS layer and data is intended for those seeking environmental offsets for projects with unavoidable impacts to streams, wetlands and species habitats. It enables engineers, architects, land planners, governments, and others to improve decision-making for sustainable planning and site design. Users can explore the map to better understand bank availability in their geographic area, create their own map, or download data for their own research and planning. The Map contains the following in each pop-up: • Bank Type and Location • Available Bank Credit information • Bank Contact information This data set and map layer will benefit organizations focused on the development of green and grey infrastructure, land stewardship, and a variety of other conservation and ecological restoration opportunities.


Conservation, Environmental Management, Map, Chart & Data Production, Water Resources

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