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A prioritization tool was developed to place parameters on attribution associated with the project site such as sidewalk width, ramp slope, and distance to a transit stop. The prioritization tool measured the degree to which project sites exceeded the thresholds (ramp too steep, sidewalk too narrow, very close to transit), and these sites were given the highest priority for remediation. For those sites needing review or more data collection, a mapping application was developed so that project team members could visit a project site, take measurements, photographs, and other observations, and enter data via a mobile device. Once entered, the data could be viewed immediately by analysts in the oce. As work was performed at each site, progress could be tracked using the application, keeping key decision makers abreast of any changes.


Aviation, Community Development, Demographics, Electric & Gas, GIS, Highways & Roads, Public Transit, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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