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We are in an era of unprecedented accountability, and transparency. Our stakeholders, including the public, require us to build systems & processes that support increasingly complex analysis. The data needed for these analyses reside in different systems, and have varying format, and structure. Under the current resource constrained environment there is a need to “Do More With Less”… and GIS can help. The VSolvit-developed United States Department of Agriculture’s Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food (KYF2) Compass Map collects, analyzes, and visualizes voluminous, complex data seamlessly. Our GIS solution transforms data into actionable information for decision makers and the public. Demand for local and regional foods is strong, and KYF2 is a USDA-wide effort to strengthen local and regional food systems. The VSolvit-developed KYF2 Compass Map enables USDA to: 1) stimulate food- and agriculturally- based community economic development; 2) foster new opportunities for farmers and ranchers; 3) promote locally and regionally produced and processed foods; 4) cultivate healthy eating habits and educate, empower consumers; 5) expand access to affordable fresh and local food; and 6) demonstrate the connection between food, agriculture, community and environment. The VSolvit-developed KYF2 Compass Map breaks down barriers across multiple federal agency databases and integrates the data in a seamless, innovative cloud based, interactive web mapping application. For the first time, multiple agencies are able to effectively share GIS resources and coordinate efforts – not only internally within the government, but even outside with the most important stakeholder – the public. This sharing enables the public to take further action and improve their regional and local food systems. Launched from The White House by senior USDA officials, the solution caters to varying needs ranging from finding USDA sponsored funding to dining regional and local food sources.


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