Open Data

Connecting Citizens and Businesses to Your Authoritative Data

Set up a public-facing website within minutes to share your open data. ArcGIS Open Data is an Esri hosted and managed solution that is included with ArcGIS Online.

Open Data Is All Over the World

Launch the Open Data Sites Around the World story map.

Connect With Your Citizens

Citizens are an integral part of any government. Whether they're buying a house or wondering about road construction, Open Data allows citizens to engage with your data, and allows you to better understand what issues the community is focused on.

Leverage Your Investment

ArcGIS Open Data allows you to leverage your existing investments in ArcGIS. Because Open Data is a feature of ArcGIS Online, organizations with an ArcGIS Online subscription already have access. You'll be able to easily share the data you've collected, curated, and maintained at no additional cost.

Create Your Public Access Website

Start building an Open Data website that looks and feels just like your own website. When your website is ready, the public can freely view interactive maps and search and download data they are interested in.

You can take your open data even further by giving it purpose and context in relation to your organization's top priorities and initiatives with ArcGIS Hub.

ArcGIS Open Data Sites

Organizations use ArcGIS Open Data in many ways to improve their communities. Explore the variety of open datasets our users are sharing.

Revitalize a City

Revitalize a City

Data Driven Detroit (D3) is a nonprofit organization that provides geospatial data about the City of Detroit for making better decisions and improving the community.

Aggregate Geospatial Data

Aggregate Geospatial Data

The Maryland iMAP brings together datasets from organizations all over the state of Maryland into one central location.

Improve Government Transparency

Improve Government Transparency

The Halifax Open Data Catalogue provides public access to the city's datasets to improve citizen engagement and enhance transparency and accountability.

Publishing with ArcGIS Open Data

You use an ArcGIS Online subscription to publish open data and open data sites through ArcGIS Open Data.

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