With ArcGIS for Server you can have GIS working across your enterprise. ArcGIS for Server will fit nicely with your organization's policies and procedures for maintaining security and data integrity. You can deploy ArcGIS for Server on-premises and in the cloud.

System Requirements

ArcGIS for Server is 64-bit software that runs on both Linux and Windows.

Deployment Options

ArcGIS for Server is designed to be scalable; it can accommodate both small and large deployments. Many organizations implement more than one ArcGIS Server site to meet different capacity and availability requirements. Others blend on-premises and cloud deployments to achieve maximum efficiency and operational cost savings.

Single-machine configurations - a good place to start with your ArcGIS for Server deployment planning is to look at the most basic configurations.

Multiple-machine configurations - if you are planning a production/staging/development environment, anticipate heavy loads, or need to support different customers or offices, take a look at configuring multiple-machine sites.

ArcGIS for Server in the cloud - Esri provides ready-to-use machine images on two popular cloud platforms - Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Support for ArcGIS Deployment

Esri provides support to help you deploy ArcGIS for Server yourself, have Esri professionals assist you with your implementation, or we can deploy and host everything for you.

Deploy ArcGIS for Server Yourself – Esri has a comprehensive set of self-service resources and support services to help you deploy ArcGIS for Server and to get started using it quickly.

  • Training – we offer everything from free web courses to instructor-led online classes to training plans tailored to your organization.
  • Documentation – detailed online help and self-service tutorials to help you get started fast, take advantage of ArcGIS features and workflows, and administer your ArcGIS software.
  • Standard Support Services - unlimited phone support, as well as vast online resources, such as product documentation, the Esri Knowledge Base, Web-based help, user forums and the Customer Care Portal.
  • Premium Support Services – in addition to Standard Support features, you get Technical Account Manager as the designated single point of contact, prioritized incident management with a 1-hour response time and 24/7/365 support availability, plus proactive reviews and information sharing with Esri staff.

Let us help you deploy ArcGIS for Server – since 1969, Esri has provided consulting services focused on applying a geographic approach to customer challenges. Services include

Let us take care of everything for you – get ready-use-instances of ArcGIS running in the cloud, including infrastructure, software, deployment and testing, data management, and 24/7 support and monitoring. Learn more about Esri Managed Cloud Services.