To buy Community Analyst, you’ll need to buy an ArcGIS subscription first. Don’t have one? Buy ArcGIS Now.
Annual subscription plans for Community Analyst can be added to your ArcGIS subscription based on the following pricing by users.

For existing ArcGIS Subscribers

$100 per user per year includes:
  • Subscriptions for Community Analyst
    (Minimum of five users required)

For new ArcGIS subscribers

$600 per user per year includes:
  • Subscription for Community Analyst
  • Subscription for ArcGIS Online
  • Ready-to-use maps including the Living Atlas of the World
  • ArcGIS solutions for industry-specific maps and apps
  • A secure and trusted location platform
  • Analytics to understand, measure, and determine geographic relationships
  • 500 Service Credits per user
    (Minimum of five users required)
Need more than 100 users for Community Analyst?
Contact Esri (800) 447-9778
U.S. customers Only

Customers outside the US should contact their local Esri office for information about product and pricing. For other product questions, multiyear pricing, or to request a purchase order, contact us or call 800-447-9778 (800-GIS-XPRT).