Where in the World
1st Place
Dave Forstat, Michigan DNR
2nd Place
Adam Carr, University of Florida
Cathy Walker, Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction
3rd Place
Tyler J. Lindberg, University of Southern California
Francis Nguyen, Singapore Health Services
Tim Federal, National Park Service
Miguel V Ayala Corona, Comision Federal de Electricidad
Martin Rutherford, Royal Australian Navy
Question Answer
Where in the world? Brazil
What is the primary industrial activity in this area? Mining
What has been the impact of industrial activity on the small town (in the SE corner of the image pair)? Buildings damanged and /or destroyed
Roads damaged and/or destroyed
Vegetation has decreased
Saudi Arabia
Question Answer
Where in the world? Saudi Arabia
What's the primary change between the two images? Increased residential areas
What is a natural feature shown in this image? Coral Reef
Question Answer
Where in the world? Atlanta
What type of building is being constructed between 2014 and 2016? Stadium
What is the area (in square meters) of the dome just north of the building mentioned in the previous question? 41,000 sq meters
Question Answer
Where in the world? Malaysia
What is the primary crop being grown? Date palm
The Normalized Differeration Vegetative Index (NDVI) is used with Satellite imagery to measure Vegetative health - the darker the green, the more robust the vegetation. Using the principles of the NDVI, how do you best explain the darker green area of the field? The area in the dark green had been planted before the other areas