Esri Geoportal Server

Run directly from the DVD

Here's your chance to test out the Esri Geoportal Server without installing or configuring. It runs from the DVD directly on your computer or in a virtual machine (VM). Your hard drive is not touched. Just boot and go.

What's Included

A DVD with a running Esri Geoportal Server that has

  • A full copy of the Esri Geoportal Server with sample metadata from ArcGIS Online.
  • Customized openSUSE Linux operating system with desktop links to Geoportal Server resources including the official source code repository on GitHub.
  • Preinstalled Apache Tomcat web server and MariaDB database configured to work with the Geoportal Server.
  • Install to hard drive capability to use the LiveDVD as a starting point for your own Geoportal Server.

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