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Fall 2008
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New Best Practices e-Book

Essays on Geography and GIS

book cover"We are pleased to make available Essays on Geography and GIS, an easy-to-access, no-cost booklet featuring recent articles by academicians and scientists dealing with trends in geography, geospatial matters, and GIS," says Thomas K. Miller, editor-in-chief of ArcNews magazine. "The original publication in ArcNews of these invited articles has had a tremendous 'ripple effect,' affirming, inspiring, and stimulating many students and professionals in both the academic and GIS communities." Find Essays on Geography and GIS at www.esri.com/library/bestpractices/essays-on-geography-gis.pdf—a new, exciting addition to our cost-free Best Practices series.

More GIS Greatest Hits

Many Esri GIS Best Practices e-books are available on a variety of topics, such as retail business, law enforcement, and air quality. These e-books are instantly available online at no cost. Published as PDFs with color illustrations, these e-books can be read online at the Esri Web site or downloaded and printed. Additional titles will become available frequently. For a complete list of GIS Best Practices e-books currently available, visit www.esri.com/bestpractices.

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