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Fall 2010

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New Training Offerings from Esri

Ready, Set, Go with ArcGIS 10

Esri offers a variety of learning opportunities to help you integrate new tools and capabilities of ArcGIS 10 into your daily workflows.

Learn Through Hands-on Exercises

Esri instructors will introduce you to many of the new tools and workflows for mapping, editing, analyzing, and managing your GIS data. Hands-on course exercises help you quickly acquire and apply new skills using ArcGIS 10 productivity enhancements.

What's New in ArcGIS 10 introduces you to new interfaces, tools, and workflows that make visualizing, managing, and analyzing your GIS data faster and easier. You'll practice using time-aware and 3D enhancements, as well as learn shortcuts using Python scripts to automate geoprocessing tasks. This two-day (16-hour) course is offered in the interactive, online classroom. www.esri.com/10newcourses

What's New in Editing in ArcGIS 10 immerses you in using streamlined editing workflows. You'll gain experience with the more intuitive, sketch-based editing environment in ArcGIS 10, including the Parcel Editor toolbar, which replaces Cadastral Editor. This one-day (8-hour) course is offered in traditional classrooms and the online classroom. www.esri.com/10newcourses

Instructor-Led Training

Demonstrations, exercises, and lectures for most Esri courses have already been updated to ArcGIS 10. More than 200 instructor-led classes are scheduled to support your transition to ArcGIS 10. Some courses will continue to be taught using ArcGIS 9.3. Go to www.esri.com/training10 for more information.

Live Training Seminars

Esri technical experts are streamed live to your desktop in these free, one-hour seminars with interactive Q&A at the end. Visit www.esri.com/lts for an up-to-the-minute schedule.

Recorded Training Seminars

Get up to speed on ArcGIS 10 with free, one-hour seminars when it's convenient for you. Find the complete seminar list at www.esri.com/ts

Free Nationwide Seminar

Join us for an all-day seminar that shows how ArcGIS 10 makes it easier to be more productive in your job, whether you're working in a desktop, mobile, server, or cloud environment. www.esri.com/10seminar

Request a New Course Catalog

The new Esri Course Catalog, detailing instructor-led course offerings, is now available. Download a copy at www.esri.com/training or subscribe to have a copy sent to you.

Is the online classroom for You?

Tight travel budgets keep many GIS professionals from attending training they really need. Esri provides a no-travel-required option for participating in classes led by Esri instructors. The interactive, online classroom replicates the traditional classroom experience without your having to travel.

Students can ask questions, interact with classmates, and even request that the instructor shadow work on their computer while they complete hands-on exercises.

Most Esri instructor-led courses are available in the online classroom. A new two-minute video provides an introduction and gives you a sampling of what the online classroom is like. Watch it at www.esri.com/virtualclassroom.

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