ArcGIS for Server Disseminates Geospatial Services

Esri's ArcGIS for Server adds geographic data and analysis to web applications that serve organizations and communities in a variety of ways. To submit an ArcGIS for Server site address and view other websites powered by ArcGIS for Server, visit

Future Climate Models
Future Climate Models is a JavaScript application that lets users interactively investigate and compare various future climate models and scenarios.

Hudson Bay Beluga Project
Oceans North Canada, in collaboration with Canadian partners, created a site documenting a three-year study on the western Hudson Bay population of beluga whales.

Digital Egypt
Digital Egypt allows visitors to view dynamic maps, check weather in real time, and view 360-degree panoramic images of Egyptian landmarks and neighborhoods.

Renewable Energy Atlas of Vermont
The atlas is a new tool for identifying, analyzing, and visualizing existing and promising locations for renewable energy projects.

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