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Spring 2010
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Esri Business Partner Offerings

Esri maintains relationships with more than 2,000 business partners that provide focused assistance to our customers. These partners have extensive experience providing GIS solutions and services across several industries. Our partners offer solutions and services that range from custom ArcGIS applications to complete system implementations. In this issue, we would like to recognize a few organizations that have been Esri partners for 20 years or more. For a complete list and description of our partners and their offerings, visit the Esri Web site at

Infrastructure Development

Photo Science Geospatial Solutions
Corridor Analyst
Corridor Analyst is an extension for ArcGIS that facilitates the siting of linear infrastructures, such as electric transmission lines and pipelines. It allows users to infuse stakeholder input into the siting process through collaborative suitability modeling procedures, identifies preferred corridors, and automates the evaluation of alternative routes. Corridor Analyst helps users implement the EPRI-GTC Transmission Line Siting Methodology.

Enterprise Utilities

Designer Express
Designer Express is a new ArcGIS software-based sketching product in the ArcFM solution of utility tools. It offers a full suite of editing tools, as well as posting, plotting, and cost estimate reporting, so engineers can quickly create utility network design sketches and cost estimates without the overhead of compatible unit integration. Designer Express is a graphic design application for utilities that lack an integrated work management system or do not have accounting-based requirements built into the design process.

One Call Ticket Management

Pro-West & Associates, Inc.
One Call Ticket Management System
The One Call Ticket Management System (OCTMS) works with one call center tickets and integrates with positive response systems. The OCTMS receives tickets from state one call systems and distributes them through a Web-based ArcGIS Server application. Locators can view ticket locations, print tickets and maps, and edit tickets in single or batch mode in a real-time, mobile environment. OCTMS lets users view ticket records and maps simultaneously, use internal GIS data, perform automated ticket splitting, and eliminate fax/e-mail record sorting, and it provides an easy-to-use ticket history search.

Geospatial Intelligence

BAE Systems
The Spatially Enabled Exploitation module for SOCET GXP connects image analysts directly to Esri geodatabases. Users with limited photogrammetry experience can populate the Esri geodatabase to answer critical questions using temporal, spatial, and attribute queries. Analysts who are more familiar with Esri tools can access the ArcGIS Desktop application ArcMap directly from SOCET GXP with the added benefit of using SOCET for ArcGIS with optional extraction in a SOCET GXP stereo multiport. ArcMap stores and retrieves feature data, while SOCET GXP displays vectors on the imagery with the associated sensor model.

System Architecture

VESTRA Resources Inc.
The Trio
The Trio from VESTRA is a set of add-on components to the Cityworks product line that leverages Esri software and optimizes GIS performance. Consisting of an online service request, dashboard, and GIS system monitor, the Trio enhances client and public interaction by providing flexible, easy-to-use solutions for a variety of applications.

GIS Services

ArcGIS Server Web GIS Implementation
Among CDM's full suite of GIS implementation services, the company is currently focusing on helping clients update their legacy ArcIMS Web GIS applications to ArcGIS Server technologies. This includes feature-rich .NET, Flex, Silverlight, and JavaScript-based solutions that are focused on particular aspects of an organization's operations.

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