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Spring 2010
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Ocean Globe Sheds Light on Advances in Seafloor Mapping

learn more about the bookOcean Globe details recent progress in seafloor documentation, bathymetry, and related GIS ocean and marine mapping projects. There is particular focus on bathymetry—the study of underwater depth of the third dimension—within the context of work done to collaboratively map and study the ocean floor. The contributors to Ocean Globe deem collaborative mapping as key in changing the future of bathymetry, and Ocean Globe presents their methods, formulas, problems, and the solutions they applied in these efforts.

Themes, such as physical, social, economic, biological, and ecological change, as they relate to oceanographic mapping are present throughout. In addition, each chapter portrays a different facet of maritime research that relies on ocean floor mapping for its success. The need and emphasis for better conservation in addressing the diversity of the world's oceans and seas are also conveyed.

With a shared goal of joining disparate data collected over decades, the contributors of this volume turned to GIS as a tool for sharing information and advancing the science of bathymetry.

Ocean Globe is edited by Joe Breman, lead GIS architect for Akimeka, LLC, in Maui, Hawaii, and includes an introduction by Dawn J. Wright, professor of geography and oceanography at Oregon State University. It was written and edited for an international audience of GIS users, ocean and marine instructors and students, and others interested in coastal management and marine mapping trends. ISBN: 9781589482197, 294 pp., $64.95

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