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Summer 2002
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ArcPad Application Builder 6

Esri announces the release of ArcPad 6 and ArcPad Application Builder 6. ArcPad 6 marks a significant milestone in the development of ArcPad with the introduction of the ArcPad Application Builder, a new development framework for creating custom solutions for mobile systems. Creating a personalized and customized field solution for data collection and updates is essential to ensure the integrity and value of your GIS data.

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Customize ArcPad toolbars with the ArcPad Application Builder.

The ArcPad Application Builder bundles a desktop customization application called ArcPad Studio, ArcPad 6, detailed documentation, sample code, and first year's maintenance. Many of the personalization and customization tasks in ArcPad are performed directly using ArcPad Studio and require little or no programming. For more complex tasks, ArcPad exposes an extensive object model that can be accessed by writing VBScripts. The table above summarizes the different types of customizations that are possible along with the level of programming and development environment required for each type.

With ArcPad 6 and ArcPad Application Builder 6, users and developers will soon discover that opportunities for mobile mapping and GIS are numerous. ArcPad software's out-of-the-box functionality makes it one of the best technologies for mapping and GIS for mobile systems. The new functionality of the ArcPad Application Builder further enforces the success of ArcPad and makes it a real breakthrough solution for mobile mapping and GIS. Potential ArcPad solutions include weed abatement applications for city governments, pole inspection templates for utility companies, a geostatistical tool for sophisticated data collection, and direct support for digital camera photography.

Visit for more information on ArcPad Application Builder. To purchase ArcPad in the United States, visit, call 1-800-447-9778, call your Esri regional office, or contact your local reseller. Outside the United States, contact your local Esri distributor.

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