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Summer 2002
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What's New in Esri Data & Maps

Esri Data & Maps 2002 is an eight CD set of ready-to-use data that is bundled with ArcGIS 8.1 (ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo), ArcView 3.3, ArcIMS, and MapObjects. Included are many types of map data at many scales of geography provided in a shapefile format. Data provided includes current data for the world, Mexico, Canada, and European countries, as well as general and detailed data for the entire United States, and very detailed data for U.S. states.

All layers of census geography are current with Census 2000. All county, city, place, tract, block group, and block locations have been updated with the most current TIGER or Geographic Data Technology boundary files. Census-derived attributes have been updated with current Census 2000 Summary File 1 (SF1) and/or Public Law 94 (PL94) attribute values.

Year 2001 population estimates are provided from Esri Business Information Solutions (formerly CACI Marketing Systems Group) for most of the census geographies, and the Census of Agriculture attributes for states and counties were updated to 1997.

Other U.S. updates include 107th Congressional District boundaries as well as new five- and three-digit ZIP Code boundaries current to January 2002.

The CD set now includes more than 450 metadata files to provide full compatibility with the new ArcIMS 4 Metadata Services. Visit for more information.

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