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Winter 2001/2002
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GIS.com Just Keeps on Growing

GIS.com screen shot; click to go thereHave you visited GIS.com (www.gis.com) lately? So much has changed since its inception more than a year ago. With a new managing editor and many new articles written by some very well-respected and celebrated GIS authors, GIS.com just keeps on growing! It is your Internet guide to GIS information.

Some of the more recent items include a "Site of the Week," an events search engine, and a "Book of the Month Review." Remember that Site of the Week a few weeks or months ago that you read about and thought was intriguing but didn't have an opportunity to visit? You can now search archived Sites of the Week to find that site.

GIS.com news is updated daily with articles written by some of the most prominent people in the GIS community.

Another new addition to the Education section allows visitors to read interviews with a long list of educators and academicians. GIS.com visitors can also find GIS educational tools and training including information on formal GIS degree programs and online and long-distance learning courses for a number of different disciplines and application areas. Users can visit the site to explore available education options and learn which is the right kind of training for their specific requirements. An online library allows users to read reviews, excerpts, and technical papers from leading GIS conferences including GITA, Association of American Geographers, and the Esri International User Conference.

Visitors to GIS.com are encouraged to contribute announcements, press releases, feature articles, and other content to gisnews@gis.com to share your GIS knowledge and activities.

GIS.com has something for everyone. Visit it soon!

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