ArcLogistics Provides Free Single-Vehicle Routing

Multistop Route Optimization Now Online

Anyone in the United States in need of scheduling and routing multiple stops throughout the day for a single vehicle can now use ArcLogistics free of charge.

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Routes and schedules created with ArcLogistics are easy to edit and can be changed as needed.

Esri's cloud-based vehicle routing and scheduling solution now includes a free single-vehicle subscription option that's perfect for sales professionals, lawn and pool services, or anyone who needs to find the best routes for a single vehicle.

ArcLogistics is used to create optimum routes and schedules based on specific business operations, including vehicle capacities, driver specialties, street network restrictions, and customer time windows. The solution is designed to help anyone who needs to move goods and services to the right place at the right time for minimum costs. Customers who use ArcLogistics to plan their routes typically save up to 30 percent on overall vehicle-related costs.

Now, single-vehicle operators can take advantage of the free ArcLogistics subscription and improve business operations by creating optimized routes that eliminate unnecessary driving and tighter schedules that improve delivery time windows.

Additionally, larger organizations with multiple vehicles can use their free one-vehicle subscription to determine whether ArcLogistics will help the rest of their fleet.

The latest version of ArcLogistics also includes the following key enhancements:

To start a free one-vehicle subscription, visit and sign up for a 30-day trial, which allows the routing and scheduling of up to 50 vehicles. After 30 days, the trial converts to a one-vehicle-for-free yearly subscription.

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