Business Analyst Online Provides Free Market Facts on the iPhone

New Version of BAO for iOS App Now Available


  • Instantly evaluate any area in the United States on-site.
  • Access demographic reports and maps on an iPhone or iPad.
  • Add free industry-specific FactPaks.

The free Esri Business Analyst Online (BAO) for iOS app provides on-the-go access to market and demographic analysis, allowing users to instantly evaluate any area in the United States using an iPhone or iPad. BAO for iOS provides the facts needed to answer three key questions about a location:

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Get detailed demographic and business facts to help develop effective marketing campaigns with the new free Facts for Marketers FactPak in the BAO for iOS app.

The latest version of the app allows users to do even more. Now optimized for the iPad in addition to the iPhone, BAO for iOS includes the ability to customize the analysis areas and get industry-specific facts, such as the amount of money spent on travel and the percentage of people that regularly read magazines.

BAO for iOS is a mobile version of the full BAO Web application, a solution that combines GIS technology with the latest demographic, consumer spending, and business data to generate market reports and maps. With this subscription-based solution, users are able to analyze their business and trade areas to make informed decisions to sustain and grow their organizations.

Subscribers to the full BAO application can now also access all the reports and maps included in their subscription on an iPhone or iPad. Users no longer have to be at their desk to access the detailed data; they can now pull up reports right on their mobile device.

iPhone and iPad users who have a subscription to the full BAO application also have the ability to adjust their areas of analysis. Users without a subscription are restricted to a 1-mile radius or a 1-minute drive-time area. Subscribers can adjust the analysis area to anywhere from a 1- to 100-mile radius or from a 1- to 60-minute drive time, allowing them to generate more customized reports on the fly.

BAO for iOS now goes beyond demographic and business data to provide industry-specific facts. These free FactPaks are made up of key variables pulled from the extensive collection of data in the full BAO Web application. In addition to the basic FactPak for Demographics & Lifestyles, which is called "The Basic Facts," there is now one for Marketers, which is called "Facts for Marketers." Each collection of variables provides key information that allows users in the relevant industry to make more informed business decisions.

For example, Facts for Marketers includes information such as disposable household income, population by age, percentage of avid daytime TV watchers, and percentage of people that purchased a new car in the past year. Marketing professionals can leverage the FactPak to help better target new customers and retain existing ones. These FactPaks are available for free from within the app; no subscription is required. The next release of the BAO for iOS app will include even more FactPaks, focusing on different issues and industries such as health, government, retail, and travel/tourism.

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