Esri Partner Offerings

Esri maintains relationships with more than 2,000 partners that provide focused assistance to our customers. These partners have extensive experience providing GIS solutions and services across several industries, ranging from custom ArcGIS applications to complete system implementations. For a complete list and description of our partners and their offerings, visit the Esri Partners Web site at

Public Safety

HunchLab is a Web-based crime analysis, early warning, and risk forecasting solution. HunchLab sifts through agency databases to detect changes in crime patterns over time and automatically sends alerts to appropriate officers or crime analysts. Users can select the time period, type of crime, and geographic criteria of their choice. HunchLab's Intelligence Dashboard also makes it easy to visualize crime as heat maps, charts, and reports, while its risk forecasting features use statistics to show how recent events affect the future risk of similar crimes. HunchLab uses ArcGIS Server.

Real Property Management

R&K Solutions, Inc.
GoRPM Survey
Geospatial Real Property Management Survey (GoRPM Survey) is a software application for improving condition, disaster, and space utilization assessment, as well as real property inventory, that was built on ArcGIS Engine and works with ArcGIS Server 10. Designed for laptop, tablet, or ultra mobile devices, it allows data from multiple sources, including a GIS, to be combined into surveys for field validation. Field survey results are then collected by a central GIS-enabled enterprise system, providing information to decision makers. Using the latest Esri and R&K technology, users can visualize information in areas such as forecasting, budgeting, efficiency, and sustainability.

Utilities and Natural Sciences

LoggerHead Navigation, Inc.
LoggerHead Navigation
LoggerHead Navigation assists a variety of industries with their plans and manages their assets with leading-edge GPS/GIS consulting, data preparation and processing, mapping equipment, data collection, sales and rentals of hardware, software, training, and support. LoggerHead's professional staff has an understanding of industry theory, analysis, and application from its in-house use of ArcGIS, ArcPad, and mobile applications. As a consultant, LoggerHead Navigation provides customized consulting, design services, and individualized attention, finding the best tools for projects and budgets.

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