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Do You Want to Be a GIS Mentor?

Points to Consider

  • Find a teacher with an interest in GIS. In many cases, this may be one of your children's teachers.
  • Continue to work with the teacher after your child has moved to another grade.
  • Get the administration to support the teacher by providing release time and tech support within the school or access to the system network by a professional.
  • Understand teacher schedules and time frames.
  • Work closely with the school district computer administrator.
  • Go to the school to train students and use data relevant to students and teachers (e.g., a map of their school and local area).
  • Use a great entry project for students such as creating a map connecting the students' homes and the school.
  • Be available via telephone when students are doing their project. Teachers create class time schedules for every day, so planning your schedule with theirs is critical.
  • Build a long-term project with multiple attributes so students and teachers can expand their abilities using GIS while learning the importance of data management and consistency.
  • Always make and keep a backup of students' data.
  • Be willing to host a Web site for the project.

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