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Spring 2011 Edition

Flexible Deployment and Fixed Payments

ELAs offer real value for many types of organizations

Enterprise license agreements (ELAs) can help all types of organizations quickly and easily implement a GIS platform that includes desktop, server, web services, and data.

In the US, Esri offers ELAs for commercial firms and federal, state, regional, and local government agencies and low-cost ELAs for smaller local governments and utilities. With an ELA contract, an organization makes annual payments to Esri for a three-year period in exchange for a package of software, maintenance, services, and training. ELAs permit deployment of unlimited quantities of selected Esri products over the term of the agreement. ELAs provide flexible deployment of software, fixed annual payments, centralized management and support, and access to the most current versions of Esri software.

Esri offers ELAs designed to fit many requirements and infrastructures of different customers. To learn more about the specific software available for each industry, visit or contact

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