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Spring 2011 Edition

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Certification recognizes GIS knowledge and proficiency

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GIS professionals can now earn technical certifications that recognize expertise in Esri desktop, developer, and enterprise use of Esri technologies with the new Esri Technical Certification program. Exams are offered worldwide at 5,000 PearsonVUE (Esri's global testing partner) locations in 165 countries. Initial certifications include ArcGIS Desktop Associate, ArcGIS Desktop Professional, Web Application Developer Associate, Enterprise Geodatabase Management Associate, and Enterprise Administration Associate. Eight more certifications will be added to the program later in 2011 and into 2012.

How will I benefit from becoming certified?

In addition to the pride in achieving such an accomplishment, you will benefit from becoming certified by distinguishing yourself in the Esri user community. Proving your competency in using Esri software products can benefit you if you are seeking employment or advancement in your current position. It also demonstrates your commitment to understanding and using Esri best practices to employers.

How will my organization benefit by certifying its staff?

By having Esri-certified staff on hand, organizations are able to clearly demonstrate to their customers and stakeholders that they have qualified staff working on GIS projects. In addition to this, the organization itself may see an increase in customer support satisfaction and an overall decrease in general operating costs as they relate to GIS.

What's the best way to prepare for an exam?

The best way to prepare for an exam is to review the Candidate Qualifications and Skills Measured sections on the Esri Technical Certification website. From that, you can determine if your skills align with the listed skills and qualifications. If you think you may be lacking in certain areas, review the Training Resources and identify classes that may help you prepare for the exam. You can also visit and view product web pages, demos, and PowerPoints at

Esri has also introduced two new Skills Review courses to help you prepare for the desktop certification exams. In a fast-paced environment that emphasizes group discussion and hands-on practice, you can review, apply, and extend your ArcGIS skills. You will leave class with a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in your knowledge of ArcGIS, so that any other preparation time you spend will be more focused and productive. For more information about these classes, visit

Top three tips for passing your exam

  1. Review Candidate Qualifications and Skills Measured to ensure you're taking the exam that best suits your skill set.
  2. If you identify gaps in your skill set when compared to the Skills Measured list, seek out additional training resources to help you prepare for the exam.
  3. Get plenty of rest the day before the exam. Relax.

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