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Spring 2012 Edition

National Geographic Basemap

Multiscale reference map of the world on ArcGIS Online

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The National Geographic World Basemap is available from ArcGIS Online.The National Geographic World Basemap, a general reference map for informational and educational purposes, is available from ArcGIS Online. This new Internet-based map service combines a century-old cartographic tradition with GIS technology. Created by the National Geographic Society in cooperation with Esri, it provides a basemap for users who want to display minimal data against a vibrant, detailed background when creating web maps and web mapping applications.

This reference map includes physical and natural features, administrative boundaries, cities, transportation infrastructure, landmarks, protected areas, ocean floors, and other layers. Shaded relief and land-cover imagery supply added context. Global coverage is available to 1:144,000 scale, and more detailed coverage, down to 1:9,000, is available in urban areas in North America. The map uses data from a variety of leading data providers including DeLorme, NAVTEQ, UNEP-WCMC, NASA, ESA, and USGS.

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