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Now we are ready to go exploring with our Bright Angel model. First, make GNIS points the active theme. Use the Identify tool to help you find your way. Our four-day virtual backpacking trip will follow trails along the Bright Angel fault, hiking from the South Rim to the North Rim.

Day One

After arriving at the Grand Canyon Railroad Station on the South Rim, we take a park shuttle to the Visitor Center to validate our hiking permits and return on the shuttle to the Bright Angel trailhead near Maricopa Point. Our first stop is Indian Garden, then on to the Tonto Trail and past Dana Butte before crossing Salt and Monument creeks. We'll camp for the night in the primitive campsite at Hermit Creek below the trail crossing.

Day Two

On this day we climb down to Hermit Rapids to watch several parties of rafts navigate the cataract before returning to the Tonto Trail. Backtracking east on the Tonto Trail to Labeled hiking trail Garden Creek, we reach the Colorado River at the mouth of Pipe Creek and travel upstream on the River Trail. After crossing the river on a suspension bridge (not mapped), we start up Bright Angel Creek toward the North Rim. We explore Phantom Canyon in the afternoon. After hiking 32 kilometers (20 miles) we spend our second night at the Suspension Bridge Campground.

Day Three

On the third day we make the long hike up to Bright Angel Creek, traveling more than 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) and gaining almost 900 meters (2951 feet) in altitude. We arrive at the Roaring Spring Campground. Traveling up Bright Angel, we pass below the famous temples of Zoroaster, Brama, and Deva. There is plenty of water in the creek on this sunny spring day.

Day Four

Continuing up toward the North Rim, we climb almost 900 meters in what looks like only a few kilometers on the map. All along the trail, we look up at Bright Angel Point on the west and Uncle Jim Point to our east. Finally, we reach the North Rim. What a relief--our ride back to the Visitor Center is waiting at the North Rim Inn. The illustration shows our entire route including our nightly campsites.


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