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Address Matching
A process that relates street addresses with attributes to geographic locations such as latitude and longitude, census blocks or tracts, administrative boundaries, or ZIP Codes.

Centroid Match
The technique of assigning a point location to the center of a line segment or polygon, which is used when a street address number location is not found in the address matching process.

A Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) is a classification system designed to manage, control, and reduce Medicare spending for hospital care. ICD-9-CM codes were used in the creation of this system to standardize clinical referencing and to allow researchers to conduct statistical analysis on the data.

The branch of medicine that studies the occurrence, distribution, and methods of containing disease.

The process of matching tabular data that contains location information such as street addresses with real-world coordinates.

ICD-9-CM Codes
The International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) is used to classify morbidity and mortality information for statistical purposes and to index hospital records by diseases and operations.

Managed Care
Health plans that control the cost and quality of care by coordinating medical and related services. Most Americans who have private health insurance are enrolled in managed care programs.

Vital Records
Records of events, such as births and deaths, that are maintained by public health agencies.


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