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Summer 2011 Edition

Use 3 New Productivity Features in BAO

Discover, organize, and analyze information more easily

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Three time-saving features in Business Analyst Online (BAO) help find and organize information.

Smart Map Search

Select up to five variables, and Smart Map Search in BAO will identify the areas on a map that meet all specified criteria. In the new release, Search can access additonal data resources:

Export Color-Coded Map Data to Excel

Premium subscription BAO members can export the data displayed in color-coded maps to Microsoft Excel. Simply clicking the Export to Excel link on the Color-Coded Data tab will export the data visible in the current extent of the map to Excel.

Change Symbology of Imported Layers

Change symbology for imported addresses to Bing search results on the fly. This is useful for distinguishing features that reside on different layers of a map. Click the symbol icon next to the layer name under My Layers to select a new symbol. The symbol can be any of the available standard symbols or an image file chosen and stored locally.

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