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December 2012

Create Storytelling Shortlists

By Carla Wheeler
Esri Writer

Web maps can be wonderful storytelling vehicles. If there are places of interest you want to present in an attractive online map, try using the Storytelling Shortlist template combined with the mapmaking capabilities in ArcGIS Online.

The first Storytelling Shortlist application was developed by Esri product engineer Rupert Essinger, who wanted to showcase a selection of restaurants, attractions, and architecture in his hometown of San Diego, California. His San Diego Shortlist was a hit with those who attended the Esri International User Conference in July 2012. "I love the city, and I like sharing information about some of the places to go," Essinger said.

Read this article to learn more about the storytelling shortlist concept and how to get started using the template to highlight places of interest for your organization or yourself.

read the article
You can create your own web map that showcases points of interest by using Esri's new Storytelling Shortlist template.

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