Esri's Telecom Expert Will Explain Geospatial Network Operations at TIA 2012

May 30, 2012

Redlands, California—Modern geospatial tools keep a telecommunications network running by providing insight to executives, network managers, and field crews. At the TIA 2012 Conference & Exhibition, Esri's telecommunications and location-based services manager Randy Frantz will demonstrate how companies can use geospatial tools to build a truly interactive, up-to-date network operations center.

TIA 2012 is a Telecommunications Industry Association event that will be held June 5–7 in Dallas, Texas. The conference will attract telecom operators, service providers, CIOs, network managers, engineers, and product managers.

"When disasters strike or outages affect the network, companies need to restore service quickly and effectively," said Frantz. "Every minute the network is down impacts revenue and customer satisfaction. New geospatial tools are helping telecommunications companies identify issues that affect the network, evaluate the impact of those issues, and plan the best course of action to repair the network, all in real time."

Frantz has 29 years' experience in the telecommunications and Internet industries. Before joining Esri in 2005, Frantz was vice president for Cox Communications' new product operations. Prior to that, he worked as director of network design for Bell Atlantic International. In the public sector, he served in the fellowship program at Brookings Institution and on the staff of the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Asia Pacific Subcommittee.

Frantz and other Esri experts will host live demonstrations at TIA 2012 booth #806 to illustrate how Esri can help organizations become more marketable. Esri's geospatial technology is becoming a telecommunications industry standard because it enables operators to collect and analyze all key data, access a real-time view of network performance, and plan networks that maximize revenue.

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